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Lottie and George

Super fizz bath bombs

Super fizz bath bombs

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GREAT SHADES: Kids are drawn to bright and happy colours, which is why the Fizzy Bath Bombs come in a great range of shades with fun names that you can never forget: Sun Kissed yellow, Kiss The Frog green and Mermaid Blue. SAFE TO USE: Because we want your kid to have fun but not at the price of their health, we have created a special formula that is hypoallergenic and odour-free so your little one is going to be safe from harmful ingredients. DOESN'T STAIN BATH OR SKIN: just rinse the bath well after use. PERFECT PRESENT: If your child is at the age where he or she is invited to the first birthday parties, picking the right present for the birthday can be tricky. The Miss Nella Fizzy Bath Bombs, Nail Polishes and Make Up ranges are perfect for anyone, with bright colours and a non-toxic formula that will reassure the parents.

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