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Lottie and George

Please don’t touch germ tag

Please don’t touch germ tag

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Protect your little ones from strangers spreading germs and virus' to with this hanging car seat sign. Each sign comes with a black velcro strap to secure around the handle of a car seat or to the sides of the pram / buggy / pushchair.

It's a polite reminder to people that babies do not have to be touched but can still be interacted with. These have has such positive feedback from our customers with premature / newborn / unwell babies to help protect them from germs and virus'.

Each sign measures 10cm and comes with a Velcro strap. These are intended for babies upto around 6m and not suitable to be played with.
*** Safety: This tag is not recommended for use when in a moving vehicle. Please remove for transport and reattach upon arrival at your destination.

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